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Edit: After looking things over some more, it has become obvious that the kit is cut properly, though the W7 parts are a little narrow (short). Sooo--disregard the rest of the post below describing the error in the kit. It isn't so. The W8 parts fit at such an angle that they need to be wider to cover the distance.

Bummer!!! For any of you currently building this kit, I just discovered an error in the laser cutting of two of the wing parts. The parts are W7 and W8. W7 is located at the trailing edge of the wing ribs, adjacent to the ailerons, and is cut too narrow. It is the proper width to fit where W8 is supposed to fit. W8 is located at the leading edge of the aileron ribs, and is cut wider (taller) than W7, and is the proper width for W7. The two parts can't simply be exchanged, as they are cut to the correct lengths, with W7 being slightly longer than W8.

I have e-mailed Dare Design, so they can get this corrected, if they haven't already. Mine is an early kit, so it could be already corrected.

I think I can use the two parts as they are, by shimming out to the end of W8 allowing it to work in the W7 position, and shortening W7.

This is a pain, as I already had the W7 parts glued in place, along with their scratch built counterparts for the flaps. I have more or less successfully disassembled the parts from one wing, and the other is soaking in de-bonder. I just hate this, as it messes up an otherwise enjoyable build. Oh well, I suppose I'll eventually work around it and it will be forgotten.


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