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Originally Posted by Danny_l View Post
A question to Eagle, Woodstock,Ecase and Aejar:
Does your repeated post mean that none of you have made any modifications to your RP?

JovanX, I fully agree with you regarding making mods that change the way a plane flies to suit what you want it to do (within limits)

Regarding the 1800 battery, I'm sure you've all noticed that there are big differences in weight and size of batteries from different manufacturers. I recently bought two 2200 batteries from Hobbiking and was surprised to see how massive they are in comparison to the brand sold at my LHS. it is very possible that you are visualizing a larger battery.

I'll weigh it and post so that it can clarify the matter.
BTW, Although I am fairly experienced I took the RP to the LHS and we checked it with the owner, who is a SAMAA (local equivalent of the AMA) instructor.


I flew if straight out the box with a 1300mah batt and it was a lot of fun. Since I wanted to fly more aggressive and fast, I then changed the prop and stiffened it up. Now I am insane and using the platform for something it was never intended, and it still flying well. It's no $800 high performance glider, but it does its intended mission as described.

Has anyone done any saddle mod? Any suggestions? I don't want the spar to rip through from stress.
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