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Originally Posted by aeajr View Post
Attention all new Radian Pro buyers and those considering buying a Radian Pro.


Many have said this in bits and pieces so let me consolidate. The RP, as a thermal duration glider, flies very well straight out of the box. No mods are required. A little adjustment of the CG toward the rear is highly recommended, but other than that, all mods are optional.

This is like a Ford Taurus. Comes off the showroom floor and drives you everywhere reliably every day. Now, if you want a little better handling you might switch to the super stickey X1000 tires. And if you want a little more pop coming from those red lights, just add the Whamo engine booster. And to anchor it better, put in the super slamo brake shoes. Now if you want a little better steering, swap out the steering rack for the Zapo steering rack and the difference will blow you away. And, if you pull that motor and drop in a Super screamer V8, well, now you have a car you can proudly drive to the super market.

Or you can drive it off the lot and enjoy it for 100,00 miles with regular maintenance.

The Radian Pro is the same. You do not NEED to modify anything except, perhaps, move the CG back a bit as part of your tuning process. But if you fly the stock Radian Pro, as a thermal duration glider, with the recommended 1300 mah battery or one of comparable size and shape, you are good to go.

If you just like to modify things, there are lots of suggestions in this thread. But they are not required.


This has been brought to you as a public service announcement by the association to stop the confusion.
As usual, Aeajr makes great sense.

Especially for a plane you just purchased. Just get to know her characteristics for a while, and then if you are not happy with something, modify. If you modify a brand new plane without trying it stock, how are you going to know if you made it worse or better?

I too am shocked that an RP will balance at 77mm with an 1800ma battery. Mine balances at 77 only when the battery is all the way rear. With an 1800 ma I need lead in the tail to balance at 77mm.
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