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Originally Posted by ArneHu View Post
The connections to the servos are weak. That's a problem, and I always do a pre flight control. But I am impressed over the little TX. It actually have a long range, But don't know how long. Have been caught by thermal, and could nearly see a little dot high up in the sky. Still control, and manged to get it down in one piece.
The trick to use a tiny servo screw to make it just a bit more tail heavy, makes it a more controllable little plane. Screw it in at the end of the fuselage.
The connections to the servos are terrible. Must check the alignement of the control surfaces, especially the rudder, every time I grab the plane (well, I should, anyway, shouldn't I?...)

According to the manual I got from BMI (part 3 - Introduction) the range should be 250-300 meters. I certainly am not going to check this, at least not in flight.

I had to ad a much larger screw than a "tiny servo screw" to get a proper CoG - actually a self tapping screw, can't remember the weight but I mentioned it before somewhere in this thread.

And, BTW, they also state "Fly this model by little wind. (≤ Beaufort 2)", which is about 2-3 m/s max.

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