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This is a real headsup lovefest. I have had a 6 or 7 dealings with them that have all been good. The last one not so good. Now let me preface this with I could be wrong totally and I apologize in advance if I am. I purchased a motor from them and coupled it with one of their esc. I actually posted a thread about low power output and why I could be happening. There were many answers to what could be possibly wrong. The motor was setup on a watt meter and tested. I changed out the esc. There was no change. When the motor was changed with a different motor of the same specs the power jump was huge. The conclusion was it was the motor. Whether the kv listed was wrong or someone here had said maybe when it was wound they miscounted the windings. Either way I was not happy with the motor and sent it back. I then spoke to jesse who informed me they would test it and let me know ? Let me know what ? I'm not happy with the product, its not performing up to the levels promised, Im a many time repeat customer. Simple. Send me another motor, then test the one I sent you back, which by the way was about $6 in postage. He said he would get back to me in a day or so. Four days later I called due to no one getting back to me. I spoke to Ray who said he would test it and call me back sometime later that day. That day turned into another 4-5 days of hearing nothing. I called back again. They had tested it and noticed I changed the connectors from 4mm to 3.5mm. I was told they cut them off and put alligator clips on and tested it and it was fine so they were sending me 4 mm connectors to solder back on and it will be fine ??? Aside from the time taken for them to come to this conclusion does this make sense. If so and I'm wrong then again I apologize to headsup rc. Is it possible that a 1/2 mm smaller connector can make you lose about 500 watts ?
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