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Originally Posted by TomHudson View Post
I'm commissioning a set of INDIVIDUAL 3V 100Ah Lithium-Ion cells using a Powerlab 6 and have run into a show-stopper that has me baffled.

I need to charge each cell to 3.55V as the first stage in the process. I set up the profile to charge 1 CELL ONLY, NO BALANCING, termination at REACHES CHARGE VOLTAGE, the current set at 20A.

When I hit START, I get error beeps and "BAD CELL COUNT".

A person I know (he ran into the same problem) has successfully worked around this after talking to an FMA tech support guy but he doesn't remember what the trick was, and my email to tech support weeks ago was never answered, and today's phone call just went to voice mail.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows the workaround for this. I have 56 of these cells to commission for my car and would appreciate some help getting going.


Simplest solution is to simply parallel the cell's regular discharge leads (plus/minus) with another set of wires to go to the balance port on the front of the PL6. Then you can use any balanced preset and you shouldn't have any difficulties. For details on wiring the balance pigtail for either FMA or XH WIRING MODE, consult the PowerLab 6 user guide.

Hope this helps!

Tim Marks
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