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Project Covert Ops: Long range ground station in disguise

Ever get sick of setting up your ground station every time? Me too. More and more I want my ground station to be more simple. However, I want the nice clean video of a directional antenna which used to mean I had to break out the tripod. Not anymore.

This is my idea of a fun to use long range ground station. And the best part, it's covert. Perfect for those places you aren't supposed to fly but want to anyway. Get in, launch, fly land, vanish before anyone notices.

For you guys who want a high performance ground station try mounting your VRX to the back of your antenna, then sticking into a messenger bag. Launch and stand sideways to your flying field. The great part is that your body blocks interference from your radio to your video. The messenger bag is RF transparent, so you won't have any signal loss. The other great thing is you can use any goggles you want. Since you are wearing your station, you can use a better set of goggles like the EVG920's or Cinemizers and still be wireless.. well... sort of.

Mine us dual band: 1.3, and 2.3GHz. I have 1258, 1280, 2305, 2396MHz. Here's the parts list:

Cheap messenger bag
Ready Made RC 1.3GHz video RX
1.3GHz Crosshair antenna
2.3GHz Ready Made RC 2.3GHz VRX
2.3GHz custom Crosshair
Cheap Ebay voltmeter (to monitor battery)
FPV-Japan digital video recorder
EVG920 Goggles

The other great thing is you can pack your tools and extra batteries in the bag so you don't need to carry all the extra toolboxes anymore.

How it works

It's pretty simple: turn the system on, launch and turn sideways after launching. You want to aim the Crosshair antenna in the general direction you are going to be flying, so a quick turn to the side takes care of it. The great thing is you expose the strong side of your transmitter antenna to the airplane and your body blocks the interference to your video.

Feel free to build one for yourself.

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