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Originally Posted by 3171scott View Post
Thanks for the link!
If you want stupid power, get the engine that I'm running. It will basically do full speed strait up. I hover at around 1/3 throttle. Take offs in 5? inches, unlimited vertical (of course) and it will accelerate real fast from hover to vertical climb, you can get out of ANYTHING with this engine

It's a bit on the heavy side, so you need to reinforce your landing gear with another piano wire and you need the floor stiffener kit and engine mount (with the extra big optional mount that he sells). Even then it's a PITA to fit as the X-mount is so huge that you need to cut it on all 4 sides, make new holes in the X-mount and secure the screws at an angle, so it's a tight fit, but it is a BLAST once you get it all together.

And when I say NEED, I mean NEED. My stock plastic motor mounts broke in 2 mid air and the engine flew out :P Pics are some pages further back.

I'm running it on a 4S 2200 with a 13x6.5E prop.

I think it might be better/easier to build your own firewall by cutting off the front and putting a Super Cub cowling on it as it will be a VERY tight fit with all the foam. Mine was pretty messed up before I installed the floor kit (after the motor ejected) so the foam was not in my way. It might be better to cut off some foam with a knife and gluing it back on later as a way to get around it.
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