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So I got to maiden my P-38 this morning. Maiden flight was pretty nice, needed a fair bit of trim to keep from dipping to the right but other than that it was a nice flight. Landing was a breeze she glides right onto the runway. I bought this plane used and replaced the landing gear all around with servoless retracts and some nice cushioned dubro tires. After doing some manual adjustments on the ground took her up for second flight, flew around 5 minutes and then landed perfectly again. I had been flying strictly elevator and aileron up to this point. I had one battery left and 30 minutes still before work, so took her up a third time, doing some coordinated turns using lots of rudder she turned nicely, however after about a minute of doing that she suddenly banked hard right and did slow spiral to the ground, she was about 60 to 80 feet up and hit the ground pretty hard, although it was in some pretty tall grass just on the other side of our runway. I broke one prop blade clean off, there was no sign of signal loss, receiver was still solid orange (AR600 DSMX), some scrapes on the nose and the left motor is loose (whole plane vibrates upon powering up. I checked with flight logger and no connection issues reported. That's when I noticed that the entire left tail section had popped off the boom! Now I can only assume as I have no video or didn't notice, but perhaps during flight this came apart, it would certanily explain the sudden drop and slow spiral down to the earth. As it nosed in, there is no damage anywhere else on the plane and as far as I can see no other part of the tail hit anything (I'm sure I'd see other damage if the tail broke off due to impact). So I guess I'll have to get the left tail section reattached to the boom and then sort out the loose motor. I think I'll take this opportunity to upgrade to MAS counter rotating props as well. Hopefully there s not too much damage inside the motor areas I'd like to be flying by the weekend again. Hopefully I'm right about the issue being the left tail section coming loose in mid air, otherwise I can't explain it at all...
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