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Rechargable Batteries in Champ Transmitter

I am a noobie to both Hobby King and to this great world of RC Planes. I am 61 years of age but it's never to late to start having real fun. Purchased a Hobbyzone Champ about a month ago and I can land it on a 4x8 sheet of plywood ( no wind ).
I land it then crank the rudder and have managed to keep it on the sheet of plywood several times... Wish I would have taken this hobby up years ago... I'd be broke, but what a relaxing time it is. I live on a farm and have a field that is around seven acres and has very short grass growth and pretty flat. Anyways, thought i'd say something about myself and thank you all for any help that I can get for a few more years of life that I have flying RC's.
I bought a dual charger for my Lipo's and for a wall charger it takes around 15 to 20 minutes for two batteries. I'm happy with that since I have six batteries to play with. I was wondering if any of you use rechargable AA batteries for the Champ Transmitter? I'm going through them fast so would like to use the AA charger I have if it won't hurt the transmitter.

Also now that I am very comfortable flying the Champ, I was looking at the hobbyzone Stratos. I kind of like the way the wing is attached to the body... seems like it would be very forgiving in a crash. I have looked at a few videos on youtube but they only show the plane flying and the comments are usually more about making fun of the guy that did the video than giving any information. Any opinions of this plane would be great. I have a HD 808 keychain cam and even in calm winds the Champ has a little problem of bouncing around with the cam velcroed to the bottom facing to the rear. I have it up as close to the battery connector as I can get it and I have messed with trim.... so that is another reason I was thinking of going to another plane... even though I will never stop flying the Champ.. my son in laws and grandsons were out and they all flew the Champ and we will probably have several in the air at the same time next weekend

Thanks in advance to my questions... I hope that i'm not in trouble for not posting my questions properly.... I haven't figured out the forums as of yet and did look for answers to my questions.

Calm Winds to You All !!!
You can email me if you would like.. I clicked on display my email address when I signed up... but not sure where it would be.
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