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Originally Posted by 3171scott View Post
Hello, I’m very interested in one of these fun cubs! I’m a 3DHS Junky and just a couple of weeks ago hade the pleasure of holding and watching there Prototype EPP Bigfoot. There was a guy flying a fun cub with Ben from 3DHS and the were having a ball slow flying and having contests who could drag one wheel the farthest down the run way. The prto is about a year away from production and I want to PLAY!!!!

So here is my Question for you all….. Are there and what are the best mods and setups for this plane? I want the plane to be as aerobatic as it can be! The thread is to long to try to look through. Anything on flaps? Stiffeners? Set ups?

Planning on making a purchase soon, Thanks Scoot.
just make sure the control horns on the flaps point back. i accidentally set mine up facing forwards, and now i can't give it full flap, they just get stuck. also, the bigger the prop and the lower kv (within reason) the better it is for 3d-type stuff. I switched from a 1600kv motor and a 10" prop to a 800kv motor and a 12" prop, MASSIVE leap in hover/stol capabilities and has much better (unlimited) vertical now.
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