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Dare Design 60" Piper Super Cub PA-18

Really Dare isn't selling a 60" Super Cub, but since I ended up with two of their Cub kits on the shelf, and Piper PA-18 Super Cubs are among my favorite aircraft, it seemed only logical to try to "bash" one of them into a Super Cub.

Changes are minimal with the part from the windshield pillars forward being the most difficult. The firewall is much wider, and of course the engine is completely enclosed by the cowling. The nosebowl is also entirely different, being much wider, and having two prominent "nostril holes" on each side of the prop shaft hole.

Other changes include the elevator having "equalizers" at the tips. The rudder is more curved at the rear, and has a smaller radius at the top. The wing center section has a larger window over the cabin, and almost all Super Cubs have flaps.

The engines went through several upgrades, with the latest versions having 180 hp Lycomings. This is a far cry from the J-3, and a scale model should reflect this increase in power, which I think is an advantage when it comes to flying a model. One does not have to be relegated to "Cub like flight" to remain in the scale performance envelope.

To date I have completed framing the tailfeathers and wings, except for the ailerons and flaps. The most difficult part and where I have spent the most time is from the firewall forward.

Due to past difficulties in trying to hot-form a plastic cowl for another model, I decided to carve a balsa cowl. After roughing out the nose bowl, I decided it would be cool to include opening doors at the sides of the cowl, similar to how the real Super Cubs are equipped. This will help with access to the motor control and motor wiring. I had a lot of trouble with the doors and cowling, but finally scratched out something that at least slightly resembles a Super Cub nose. Even got the motor mount built and everything forward of the firewall fastened together, except for latches on the cowling doors.

Not sure the nose shape is very close, but after looking at a lot of photo's I can see a lot of variation in real Super Cub noses anyway. How's that for an easy disclaimer?!!

Will attempt to attach some pictures of progress so far.

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