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Originally Posted by Rescuejim View Post
So I got the Fun Cub in June, 30 plus flights since and it definately lives up to the name
Unfortunately it fles so well I start doing stupid s@#t. So I'm flying through goal post and doing tight figure eights when...yes you guessed it...missed judged the turn and clipped the light pole. Damage from pole wasn't too bad, but the Uncontrolled contact with the ground was less forgiving
So I walk over and tail is cracked through 80%+ and the front is broken at the windshield down both sides to the floor. Probably would have come off but I had put a 3/16 birch floorboard/stiffener to cover the electronics. It cracked too but held. I highly recommend either building one or order the stiffener Gary makes.
Sheared motor shaft...oh yea that was the maiden for the motor too again...

But not to fear, she will fly again. I just reglued the tail with gorilla glue. I'll let it dry over night and glue the nose tomorrow.
Just goes to show how tuff she really is.

Luckally I have a NIB Fun Cub that I will start on as soon as I can "Crash" up in the air again
Foam planes never die, they just get to heavy from all the repairs.
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