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I love the ambition.

If you are going for pure autonomous flight you should really consider a traditional airframe (fixed wing, ailerons, elevator, and rudder). Not that a wing isn't great for autonomous, I just think you're going to be swimming in details without experience. Like trying trig without geometry. You could probably figure it out but will be slow and frustrating.

Great autonomous flight requires a good deal of tuning. All those PIDs are already challenging enough but without RC experience its going to be even more difficult. You might have read that a lot of people have difficulty tuning flying wings. There is just a lot of complexity in elevon mixing.

Unless you want to build a slingshot launcher you'll obviously need wheels for auto take off. You can however do auto landing without wheels. But again the tuning without a rudder might be tough.

Here's another topic people might debate me on. Endurance, I think a lot of people say that tractor props are more efficient in the long run. I don't know the aerodynamics involved to back that up though.

I hate to say this is as much as you won't want to hear it... But I would start with a smaller more simple airframe and get the basics of rc flight and all the moving parts first. Then move your gear into the X8 or something else.

Just some thoughts.
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