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I have an idea for these PSUs, but need some input first. I wanted to make a Y-connector with an in-line on/off switch for the two PSUs run in series. I searched EVERYWHERE online to find such a device that can handle the level of current needed, but I do not think it exists. I cannot even find a cost effective plastic case to put a switch on and build my own. Well, to make a long story short, I got a quote from a company that does custom plastic enclosures for things like this and they can do it for a reasonable price, but I would need to order in bulk to make it worth the money (if I bought just one it would cost about $500!). Soooo, I was wondering if you all think there would be any interest out there for such a device if I were to say order a hundred or so, or would I be throwing my money away? Note: I would fully test the power cord under full load with the dummy load that I made to make sure it can fully handle the current. I will probably use 14 gauge computer power cords for the AC power. It would be a Y-connector that doubles as an on/off switch. The on/off switch will light up to indicate when the unit is turned on. I could probably sell them for about $20 which would include everything, the on/off switch Y-connector power cord and all. I think it will be pretty slick, what do you guys all think, yes, no, maybe…?

Here is a picture of what I am thinking of…
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