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Where are the definitions that you use?

Originally Posted by DPATE View Post
By definition lift does no work. Drag does, lift doesn't.
If you were writing a paper for a Philosophy class I suppose that your "definitions" would be called "apriori statements".

Using your way of explaining things is analagous to one saying that a
God caused the thunder storms and eclipses. One then has to ask what is your "first cause" that produces these effects/

I really am sorry that I am not communicating well to you. I will try for the third time.

If you simply say that an effect is truley factual BECAUSE A DEFINITION
SAID IT WAS leaves something to be desired. Give your authority for that definition.

For the second time you fail to answer simple questions that a grad student
in aeronautical engineering should easily answer. Are you a Social Science Major? I have a Masters in Chemistry with a Physics Minor attached. But hey, I have known practising Electrical engineers who can't solve ordinary problems in Static Electricity.
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