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Gary Cavie
Gary Cavie
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Re: propulsion for a large scale rc model

In article <Bi3zc.35766$>, says...
> i was wondering what i could use as propulsion for a 9'-10' catamaran.
> what kind of rpm and torque do i need? can i use those gardentool engines?
> weight would not be the problem...or do they have a low rpm?
> what about waterjet? if i understood well i need an engine that runs a
> pump... what specs do i need in this case?
> any links?

If you try asking your question on, someone on there
sometime back pointed me to a site with an online calculator which will
fill you in with the details. I no longer have the site bookmarked, but I
remember vaguely it had something to do with an engine marinising

Sorry it's a bit vague!