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What is the goal of going brushless, higher speed, better acceleration or longer run times than stock? That will help determine how many turns/KV for the brushless motor. I haven't worked on a mini-t, but the stock motor is a 370. Be careful choosing the brushless replacement to make sure the length and width will fit the space, some brushless motors are a bit longer. Also make sure the shaft size and mounting holes are the same or you'll need to get a new pinion or have a tough time mounting it. I like the Tacon 2030-21T 4300KV, it's ~$15 and it has fairly close to the same dimensions as a 370. The shaft size is the same as a 370 so a stock pinion will fit and it has two sets of mounting holes, 2 of which are close to the same width as a 370. I had to file the motor mount holes a bit to get it to fit my pro-pulse/megapro. Below are the measurements I took of the mounting holes for the Tacon and a stock 370. The Tacon 2030-21T 4300KV is a bit faster than a stock 370 with the same pinion but has a longer run time and barely gets warm. If you want more speed go with a lower turn/higher KV motor, Tacon 2030 comes in 19T, 18T, 15T also.

Tacon (2 sets of mounting holes)
inside of holes 14mm (16.5mm on center)
inside of holes 12mm (14.5mm on center)

stock 370
inside of holes 14.5mm (17mm on center)

For 'Inside of holes' I measured between the inside edges of 2 mounting holes
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