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Webs OK as they are.

Originally Posted by flyingfever View Post
Allan, Is the 2G capability figured with the existing webs, WITH the triangle holes in each, as they are now, which only gives a small portion of each web directly connecting the caps in each bay, OR is the 2G figured with the wing as is, but with the same webs, WITHOUT the large cut-out triangles, as is usually done in a proper spar assembly? In other words, to have an actual 2G load capability for the box-stock wing, do the existing webs with the holes, have to have web doublers to make them solid? Were the web triangle cutouts figured in the calculations? I'll definitely add web doublers, but It just makes me wonder if the webs hadn't had those large cutouts for assembly, if the wing would have failed so easily. Thanks for all your time and work.
It should do the 2G with the out of the box wing. The cut outs in the Webs are OK. They should still carry enough shear between the spars as they are as long as they are glued fully to the spars. This is important as the provide stability and prevent compession buckling.
This is still a perilously week structure though.

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