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Originally Posted by AllanK1 View Post
I guess that shows how really marginal this model is, particularly if you get one like K2K's on page 19. Voids in the ply and parts only partially glued. All this degrades that 2G capability I was talking about.
Turbulence too can impose a lot of load on a big light model. With real ones will apply a thing called gust factor to the loading spectrum. This has a lot of influence particularly on big lightly loaded structures like this. Pat may have got caught with some rough air too.

All this says the only safe thing to do is park until you have a better wing, either by fixing your own or getting an improved wing from the manufacturer.

Good luck all.

Allan, Is the 2G capability figured with the existing webs, WITH the triangle holes in each, as they are now, which only gives a small portion of each web directly connecting the caps in each bay, OR is the 2G figured with the wing as is, but with the same webs, WITHOUT the large cut-out triangles, as is usually done in a proper spar assembly? In other words, to have an actual 2G load capability for the box-stock wing, do the existing webs with the holes, have to have web doublers to make them solid? Were the web triangle cutouts figured in the calculations? I'll definitely add web doublers, but It just makes me wonder if the webs hadn't had those large cutouts for assembly, if the wing would have failed so easily. Thanks for all your time and work.
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