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Intro (check out my quad) and a few questions.

Hey all,

Been lurking for a bit. First post on RCG, been a rc nut for 22 years, and I've been using this handle forever. I've made a decent quad.. well several really. I started with a hand made airframe. For some reason I thought 3/8th balsa could hold a 12 inch prop.

I tried to make a stronger setup, and succeeded, this one worked ok. The motor mounts wouldn't stay aligned though.

Then I moved on to a modded X525 setup, flown as +.

(old pic)

(slightly newer, but still old)

I've been modding this one ever since, now I use a HK KK 2.0 board, Fatshark 5.8 FPV setup, and fly X formation now. It's been a long journey, but I have a decent quad setup now. Get about 18 minutes flight time on a 4ah 3s pack. DT700 motors, HK 18/20 amp ESC, 11x4.7 cheapo props. I've hit 27 minutes using dual 4ah batteries. Roughly 600mm wheelbase.

I've been lurking around here for a bit, but there's a couple issues I still haven't figured out.

First up, whats up with OSD?

Yea yea, it's an onscreen display, but to do it right one needs a GPS, baro, compass, and some motion sensors would be nice too. Thats fine, but a good FC already has all of those, I don't need to carry 2 of every sensor, so are there any proper flight controllers that also handle OSD duties? Not a pilot, but i've solo'd a Cessna 152. I really need a vertical speed guage.

What the heck is a data radio? Let's say I buy a APM, and a Xbee data radio. Now what? Is my usual HK 6 channel radio useless? Does the video feed go to the laptop now? I've got RealFlight, do I use the controller for that? The radio must interface with the FC somehow, but I'm not sure what cables are needed.

Also, the buzzer on my KK 2.0 board doesn't seem to do anything. I've got 2 of these boards, I've tried both buzzers, and flashed the one I'm using with... 1.2 FW maybe. I'm not sure which FW actually. Can't get a peep out of the buzzer. LVA set at 140 (cause I want beeps dammit),
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