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Wing is currently good for about 2G

I have enough info now to get a feel for the current wing.
The numbers suggect it will rupture at 2G. That assumes the loads from those joiners find their way to the spars and the D Box AL Alloy tube. Their are lots of variables in all this including how well things are glued and assembled.
This explains why many are surviving out there for now. Flown with care at 1G plus minus 0.5G it should work.

Please, I recommend no one try a loop or fly a tight turn much above minimum speed, at least not over a populated area. Watch for wing damage on firm landings too.

Unfortunately the beef up will have to extend the full tength of the inner panels and about 8 inches into the tip panels to get that 5G we are aiming for.

You have the wood and carbon strip dimensions for a full single main spar replacement in my earlier mail if you want to go that way. The current center joinrs are up to this load if you can tie them in properly. Otherwise a big single joiner in line with the spar is definately the best.

I'll get on this week and sort out the carbon tube method

Fly carefully

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