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Originally Posted by Dr.Tom View Post
What is neutral setting for elevons to start with, 0 or some mm up?
Is hand launching better with more deflection or same like those for level flight?

I had a flying wing, and it needed 5mm up elevons just to start with,
even more for launch, but it had much higher wingloading than x8 and smaller thrust to weight ratio (smaller prop in goal of getting higher speed)

My X8 needs no UP clicks of elevator for launch. I throw it at full throttle and a bit of above level inclination, with the same trim as the last flight it had.
Now, having said that, your first launch could be tricky because you don't really know if the plane is trimmed for normal flight. Also keep in mind that the warpage that gives an upsweep on the rear fuse wing root is different for every plane. If you leave it as is, trim will be different than if you use something to line the wing root with the part of the wing it meets. On mine, the warp is slightly different on one side than it is on the other, so one elevon has more down defection than the other just to make it fly level. It looks goofy but the plane flies just great.

PS. As with you, my other planes are different. My Funjet Ultra needs about 12 clicks of UP trim for launch and my V70 Zephyr needs 6 clicks of UP. And my flying Pterodactyl needs nothing.
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