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I was not being sarcastic about your flying. I was just stating that this plane is under built and it is known to be under built. Anyone that is still flying one until either they put together their own re-enforcement plan or wait for the MFG to correct the problem is doing so at their own risk and the risk of others. I truly hope that there are no more failures period. It is a very sick feeling seeing your plane falling helplessly to meet it's demise with Terra Firma. Like you said the plane is beautiful in the air and though my flight did not last long, appears to be a really great flying plane. I hope a solution can be offered and we can all enjoy the plane for a long time. The further I tear into my damaged wings and look at how this thing was constructed there is a very little doubt that the person that was building wings the day mine was built was having a bad day. Not only is the structure inadequate for this big of a model but there are several glue joints that were very lacking in enough glue to form a good bond between pieces of the structure. Oh and just for the record, the stresses I put my plane in before the wing folded would not have been sufficient to even remotely warrant to be considered excessive. I have seen many incidents on tow that would have stressed the plane a lot more than what I did. Did I get a lemon? Probably, but the failure of my lemon had uncovered a major issue with the design structure of the spar system. The carry through and wing joiners held up great, but the spar is not tied into any of the joiners thus creating a shear point at the point where the joiners end. Guess what, that is exactly where mine failed. Good luck with your model, I hope it stays flying for years to come.

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Hi Pat,
Of course I am not interested in crashing the model as a result of weak structure, possibly injuring people or property. That said, I think it is unnessacary to be sarcastic about my flying manner. The model had an incredible flight picture when it soared very slowly overhead, picking up even small thermals.
I am very interested in how many modellers have suffered problems with the wings, to see if there are a few lemmons, or if it is a common problem. Being very low priced for this size of model, I think that it will be sold in large quantities.
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