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Originally Posted by deadbird View Post
How single engined is that????

Wouldnt that be awesome tho. A Micro Do-335. I must admit I have gone so far as to look at the design requirements. It would need some extra components created for the rear motor mount and wing brace and of course a different setup for the twin motors and probably the use of a different Rx (AR6310) with external servos, but it is very do-able. Because of the very different requirements it wont be next but if things go well it will happen because the requirement are similar for the P-38 and a whole host of other twins.

So How 'out of the box' is a Nakajima Rufe for a single engined aircaft, or maybe a BV 141 (too far?).
Thata the great thing about the Do335, it doesnt have to be a twin at first. You can always do a single puller setup and then later on do a twin version.

The rufe, bv141 would be awesome! How about a Me163 as well? That should be simple to make
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