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Originally Posted by denodan View Post
Well I am in the same boat and the situation is worse in New Zealand, so just import all my stuff, and Mr Postive over here you can ask for what plug you want and they change it, if you asked them, they may have sent them to Australia also.

The only way you really get stuff like this is you have to pay the shipping and get it sent, Goodluckbuy offer free post, so the costs are not prohibitive, you just have to look for good sources and you have to learn to look on goggle over here, so there are reasonable places if you look, sometimes on Ebay free post is also offered.
And sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and pay shipping costs, thats the price for living over this part of the world and the only way you survive in this hobby over here, is learn to look for cheap or free shipping or pay the price, but learning to look and looking does help, that is the reality of the situation over this part of the world, but don't meant to be sarcastic or sound it, but stating how it is over this part of the world, it's a sad fact. I spend hours looking through Google, got my Lotus 580P+ through google, and free shipping through good luck buy, as this was the cheapest option.
I agree that you have to bite the bullet at times. I spend hours searching through google too .. I managed to get my T580P+ cheaper again that good lick buy even with postage. I managed to get mine including postage for $550.00. Well I am still waiting for it to arrive but the batteries arrived today .. they are HUGE !!!
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