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Didn't manage any flights today, but as of yesterday I have 11 flights so that brings my ownership of this plane to about $11 per flight. Is it just me, or does anyone else look at it that way? Somehow I feel better about my purchases when the cost per flight gets less and less. Some of my old stand-byes are in the pennies per flight range.

A couple of things I have noticed include:

1) I have had a few power dives that I couldn't seem to pull out of. One of which almost ended in a collision with a soccer goal! The plane just seemed to get sucked to the goal is if it had a tractor beam. No up or left input response for about 20 feet...finally pulled out just a couple of feet from the edge of the goal.

2) While just trying to get a feel for the characteristics of the Mosquito, in flat level flight I have applied some left and right rudder to varying degrees. The plane tends to dip the wing HARD in the direction of the turn...Is this normal for this plane? I may still be a bit tail heavy and this is my first twin so I really don't understand what is going on...

Also, a few times so far...the plane has just dropped to one side unexpectedly. I am not sure if it was an unexpected gust of wind turbulance or a motor has been dropping out. So far I have toyed plenty with the stall characteristics, but when this has happened I was at least 2/3 throttle at the beginning of the flight.
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