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Originally Posted by A.T. View Post
Given the numerous set ups for one of those models, would need to know how other channels
are being used and which are still free.
All knowledge on mixes is available under:
Hitec Eclipse & Eclipse 7 Pro - All Manuals, Addenda, Quick Setup, CCPM and Additional Programming FAQ

However, rather than trying to slave a second channel, there are also several other methods to install
your MPX Funcub as shown on previous thread:
. Multiplex Easy Cub & Fun Cub - Aileron, Elevator & Flaps Installation
. Multiplex Easy Cub & Fun Cub - Install Aileron & Elevator - Video
note re video - see pic attached.
"Easiest general purpose solution:
"Multiplex Easy Cub & Fun Cub - Install Aileron & Elevator - Video"
. 3.35 minutes into video is highlighted "Flap Servos on a "Y" Connector".
This describes enlarging one hole sideways so as to flip the servo over and
mount flap horn further over to compensate, refer attached screenshot..
. Size the section of wing to be removed so as to glue as a filler in the original hole.

. Multiplex Easycub questions thread.
. Multiplex Easy/Fun Cub Aileron - pictures
. Differential - Mechanical set-up - Correct Dutch roll and Drag. "

This may also be of interest:
MPX Easy/Fun Cub Tailwheel Assembly & Replacement.

and more under
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links

Alan T.

Thanks for the well researched answer.

This is not my first FC. I have been flying one for 2 years. Have ail. dif set up mechanically. I had a pair of normal and reverse servos that I used on my flaps.

I have been on the FC thread and know the option of hacking on the wing

IMO a high end 7 ch radio that only allows a 4 ch wing to be setup in GLIDER mode is lame

My old Futaba allows any ch to any ch mix with no switch to flip and the trim is slaved as well.

The fellow that I am building this for had a "magic Y" servo reverser that he was not using, so I will use it off CH6.

ch assign will be
1 ail
2 ele
3 throt
4 rudder
5 tow release
6 flaps with reverser
7 not used

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