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Originally Posted by sighen View Post
...and as such, should be flown in that manner. That means, if the original is not intended for aerobatocs, why should you try that on a model? Just becaus there are videos on Youtube showing consecutive loops? In my opinion, this is a glider intended to thermal, which it does really well. I had my maiden flight on it yesterday, without any reinforcement, and it was really nice to hear the hight gaining sound from my variometer. In few minutes, I went from 350 meters to 420. The second trip was also very nice. I think that a lot of people tend to fly scale models on a non scale manner, often with bad results to the model. That said, I too belive that there are "lemons" amongst products, as is the case with many products.
However, I think it is unwise to fly a scale model in a none scale manner. Before buying a scale model, one should read about the full size counterpart and see what it is intended for, and capable of. And, not least, the don'ts. Besides this glider I fly a 1:3 Grunau baby (4.5 meters), a 1:3 Minimoa (5,5 meters) ASH 26 (4,5 meters) and a ASW 24 (4 meters). I try to fly them in a scale manner, and have never had structural problems with either of them.
I'm sorry, have you not read this thread? Have you not looked at the pictures? Have you not seen the size of the so called spar? Mine is grounded until Hobbico comes up with a fix and if that fix is not adaquite in my estimation I will do my own repair to add a real spar to the wing. How these are still flying is beyond me......the spar system they have used may be suitable for a 2 meter plane, but a 6 meter 35 lb. airframe? No.
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