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I like real wooden aeroplanes!
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Glad to hear you are making progress Rab. Actually fitting cap strips is one of my favourite jobs - something theraputic about cutting them accurately and pre-curving them by running them under a dowel so they just "click" into place. Enjoy!

Soccer players can be a pain. Many years ago a sports field had been booked and paid for for a major thermal soaring contest locally. There was a big entry, 60 or 70, and everything was just being set up when two soccer teams turned up and insisted that they were going to play on one of the pitches. It was pointed out to them that (a) the field had been fully booked months in advance and (b) model aircraft could be dangerous, something which produced guffaws of mirth and derision from these participants in a "manly" sport at the thought of "toy aeroplanes" being dangerous. However, they insisted they were going to play and started a match. The field was big enough, and although we could have done without having our ears assailed by the constant shouted obscenities which football seems to require, we carried on with the contest. I was timing for a clubmate of mine when his model suffered a radio failure at about 800 feet, resulting in it entering a ballistic trajectory dive which was clearly going to end in the region of the soccer pitch. Now this was a 12 foot, 4 pound model, and it was travelling, so we tried to warn them but, gathered in one penalty area for a corner kick, our shouts of "heads" and "look out" were ignored and they failed to notice the whistling approach of the model - they noticed it though when it buried 10 inches of fibreglass nose into the penalty spot! The referee promptly ran over to us waving a red card!! They did finish the match, but I think they took our warning seriously after that and there was a good deal of nervous glancing at the sky to the detriment of their ball control.
Sundancer is online now Find More Posts by Sundancer
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