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There were ample warning signs that, at the time, I didn't recognize. He WAS a proficient pilot, but, as I found out later, he only owns and flys warbirds. One he had that day was a giant scale P-40 arf, the other was a smaller (not much though) F4U arf. As a matter of fact, of fifteen or so people flying that day, there was not one built up plane there except for mine. Most were 1/4 scale or 1/3 scale. It's an ARF community, there was no minority until I showed up!

I just joined this club to have a place to fly and someone to do it with and after getting acquainted with everyone, they all pointed a finger at this guy as the one to do the deed. Come to think of it, the only time his planes weren't firewalled was on final. Like I said, I had warnings, I just didn't recognize them.

I am making one more attempt to fly the Deacon...key word is "I".
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