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Originally Posted by finster View Post
I checked out the new firmware for the #16 and I ended up right back at the standard default settings being the best...the only way to make video better was to add one click higher saturation...that puts it at the same coloring as the #11 or #18 which was my only complaint as the colors of the #16 looked a bit washed far none of the other settings I tried looked natural...but im still working at it
Only another 3124 combinations to go..... The Sepia setting is REALLY cool

The point I'm trying to make is that you have thousands of different configuration possibilities with the #16, and all you need to do to set them is to plug your camera into your PC. Everything is plug-and-play - the setup GUI (program) communicates directly with the #16 and sets the values that YOU want.

The #11 comes as it is. There are a handful of different firmware versions, but that's it. It appears that development of the #11 (and #18) has come to a halt, whereas the #16 has suddenly made a gigantic leap forwards.

I still have a few #11s. I loved them in their days, but I wouldn't buy them again today.

This post is mainly aimed at newcomers. You are lucky, you know both cameras.
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