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Originally Posted by MrGlobeFlight View Post
To clear that,
you are allowed to travel with a max of 100 watthours power, so if you have 6s lipo it is around 4500mAh for ONE lipo, not 5000 !!!

I think its a quite good size of lipo, you can go with 2 or even 3 of them.
If there is one cell deing you will loose one lipo but not the copter. You should use lipo safer with buzzer on each lipo on each flight, or as we do use single cell measuring over the jeti DC-16 radio with alarm for any cell running down under 3.5V during flight.

To be honest the XT 60 connectors are very close to the limit of the current, a fully loaded S800 draws around 90A while rising fast, we ALLWAYS go with two lipos and 6mm goldies or now with two XT-60 or even the new XT-90.
I have deans and a bunch of EC5's I need to switch over to. I like the XT60's but the amp rating like you said is borderline, at least for the flight pack connectors.

6s 5000mah (30C or higher) x 2 for 6s2p 10,000mah is plenty for our needs. We use 8000mah (or 4000mah per pack). Yes, if you loose a cell (or pack) you still have power from other pack to "get home". Those "big" packs do have their down falls.

I gave up on the voltage monitoring in flight because even with telemetry if something goes in flight it doesn't usually matter either way. Of course, we monitor the individual cells during charging.
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