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I had this posted elsewhere, but now realize I should have posted it here, so its back with some additional details. Now that the Uberlites are at half price the following mods make more sense than ever.

I had a spare Night Vapor (NV) receiver/servo board so I thought just for the fun of it to pull out my broken Uberlite power pod with broken actuators and retrofit the NV board to it. I can now use my DX6i transmitter and regular NV 70mAh batteries. The mixing features are needed for the flying wing.
The monoplane and the wing flew well (but unreliably) with the original receiver/actuator setup, but now I have reliability, and more positive control. Although both fly very well, the mono plane excels. It flies like its on rails, but is still very maneuverable, feeling like a much larger plane. This is all in a very small gym at an elevation of 3000 ft. Although the flying wing flies great, it needs more power to be really aerobatic. Those elevons just beg for something more.

Other mods are: .5mm carbon fibre wing reinforcement, NV propeller with extra pitch twisted into it, and fine kevlar thread running from the front of the power pod to the centre of the landing gear axle to keep the landing gear from bending back on landing, causing nose overs. Also, the original receiver, wiring, and actuators were stripped from the power pod, so I started this mod essentially from a blank slate.

Although they will never be as rugged or aerobatic as a Night Vapor, my modified Uberlite versions bring the feeling of larger planes to the table. They fly very steady without having to go fast, and are very predictable. In these areas they outperform the Night Vapor or Ember.

Fast forward to Aug. I installed a Night Vapor gearbox with Cub/Aeronca motor onto the power pod, and wow what zip! I have not tried this setup on the monoplane yet but the flying wing (which flew well before) is now a real aerobat. It can handle a light breeze and will climb like a 3D plane. All the mods caused no noticeable weight gain.
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