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Not sure exactly. First attempt resulted in the servo turning fully in one direction with no response from the tx. I removed it and replaced with another servo. Second one had constant chatter from the motor ( also got hot) and any input from the tx result in the horn turning completely in the intended direction. Servo wouldn't center either.

This was my first attempt and I was doing it because the servo was sticking, seemed like a broken gear/tooth. Next time I'll leave the 3 pins at the top with the wiper. You can slide the servo case and gears right off of that piece. Then you only have to deal with the 2 wires for the servo motor.

Since it's my favorite V911 I wanted to save it, so I ordered a new board and set it aside. Only thing I've really done to it was drop in a solo pro shaft and cnc head but it flew better then any of my others.
Budasac is online now Find More Posts by Budasac
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