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Pusher setup

I'm not a fan of pusher setups, but most builders set them up this way. It is more difficult to construct a motor mount, and balancing can be tougher, but if camera view is the issue, then pusher is the way to go.

I built several MotherShips as pushers. I found that they will climb under power with a zero thrust setup. Placing the motor center line above the wing will help, but some down thrust will also be needed. About 2 degrees is a good place to start, and the aft end of the motor shaft should be lower than the forward end to get down thrust. This helps to push the nose down under power, but you will probably still end up messing with the trim. I never could get it perfect.

Anyway, once you get it in the air, you will find it is far more stable than normal size flying wings. The roll rate is slow, but you would expect that from a big wing.

One last warning. Don't try flying it with a tail heavy CG. It should balance at 14 1/4" from the nose. You can go back as far as 14 1/2", but any further than that and you will have a disaster on you hands! If you have to add nose ballast, do it!

Enjoy, Bob
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