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Worked on my VTOL some more this week. Moved the motors forward 3" and now the CG is good both in hover and in forward flight (cg not tested, but at least in a decent range on the wing). Also installed a Hitec 645MG servo for wing tilt. She's all ready to fly but the code is giving me grief.

My first test hovers was with the basic tricopter MultiWii code 2.1. Now I'm trying to get Cass's code to work on my Paris flight controller and the various VTOL configs in the code don't seem to be working quite right.

The motors arm, but the tail motor doesn't change it's speed with pitch control. Also the rudder servos (ailerons in FF) work for a split second then stop. In the GUI the gyro is reading normally and the RX inputs are all moving as expected. There are no debug numbers or errors I can tell.

I'm guessing the paris board's wiring for the arduino doesn't match the wiring needs for the VTOL code - inputs and outputs are mixed..?

I reached out to Cass in a PM, but if anyone knows how to tweak the code - let me know! I've looked at it and even though I know VBS and Powershell (IT admin by trade) I can't seem to grasp what's happening in the code with all the variables and logic.
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