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Dont forget anyone who would want to see a dedicated V911 (and similar helis maybe) section, go here and say so:

Originally Posted by RicksterRC View Post
'Cause it's more expensive, and perhaps heavier.

I have yet to crack a single landing skid.
I wonder how much they would weigh. Looks easy to make though. I have only had one bend some overtime but never broke one yet either.

*edit, On second thought, unless it was some sort of thin (and still light) spring steel (or other material) I wouldnt want this on mine though because unless it can flex then it will transfer any impact right into the heli frame and maybe the electronics. Rather than the current skids absorbing it somewhat. This also may cause new week spots that you need to fix once the force is directed to the frame etc... I know from all the frame work I have done on 4x4's and lowriders with hydraulics, if you re-enforce one spot you will need to do more or it will just break at the next weakest point (until you have fixed all weak spots well enough, but on a heli weight is a major factor).

Originally Posted by FyreSG View Post
I didn't read the thread in detail, only skimmed it for photos. I have no idea why he did it. Maybe as a challenge? Or as a learning exercise? But the photos sure look interesting to me.

More photos and details (in Chinese):
I was thinking last night if I could use a brush-less motor and maybe larger battery on the V911. But I wasnt sure if it would be worth the hassle or not.

Originally Posted by totse View Post
is there a concise thread for essential things to make your heli fly better and just longer?

i saw a post about servo savers, but now i can't find it
This is the "main" V911 thread, but after someone suggested it, I started a request to have our own V911 forum section so we could still have threads like this but start compiling stickies for just the V911 (and similar maybe) heli to make it easier for people new to the heli and site to find stuff. After all this thread moves fast! So go to the link in the top I posted and say so if you like the idea. Then after 50 people say so, the staff "might" hold a vote to have a section for us.
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