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Originally Posted by richos View Post

I use GWS Plantraco Propeller Adapters. Not the cheapest but the best.

Pop one off the sprue and push fit into the GWS 4mm hole and screw onto the shaft (thats it no messing around) in my opinion the best i have ever come across.

Plantraco Prop Adapter Set. Google it valiantGLX

These prop adapters enable you to fit GWS and other props with 4mm bore to 1mm, 1.2mm (0.047") and 1.5mm shafts. The set includes 2 of each type.

Happy to help valiantGLX
Thanks again for the help ... but I have another stupid question/s Do you simply push them on or should I screw them on, and which way around should I fit them, with the big end on the front so the prop cant fly off or the other way

I ordered my gear from micron radio control and I have to say Im not happy I ordered 2 sets of counter rotating 3 blade props but they sent me 2 bladed props. Additionally 1 prop is from another inferior brand I think, the one that says GWS on it is perfect, but the other one looks like it is made from cheaper plastic, there is no GWS logo and the holes are not centered on both props Both CW and CCW props were advertised as GWS

EDIT: I think I have answered my own question, I used the largest size prop adapter so I didnt need to screw it on, and I have the bigger side facing the motor.

Also as I suspected both of the props without the GWS logo have unn-centered holes and vibrate so badly that I cannot even hold on to the gearbox with a tight finger grip.
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