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Art-Tech 60A ESC Load Testing Results

This is the 60A ESC that came with my D2500...

It was provided without any specifications. Itís labeled 60A, but thatís just the motor controller output, not the built-in BEC. So, with no specs, I wanted to see how it handles a current load.

What I found from my testing, was that itís probably good enough for a 3A rating, but the voltage drops pretty rapidly after that. So, I donít think this ESC is good for aerobatic maneuvers on D2500ís equipped with flap servos.

These controllers usually also come labeled with some specifications for the BEC. The BECís typically come as 2A, 3A, or even 4A at usually 5V. They typically round off the rating to single digit, so a 3A rating is likely putting out better than only 2.5A @ 4.5V. Not what youíd like to see.

To run a load test, I purchased 10 inexpensive, ten ohm, 3 watt, resistors on eBay from a seller in China ($2.97USD with S&H). For each load, I soldered additional resistors in parallel to act as a load, until I had ten data points.

Hereís the results for the resistors in parallel (RIP) test..

As you can see by the chart, the voltage drops as the load current increases. In flight, as your wing loads increase, such as pulling out of a dive, the wing servos can approach their stall current. This current load causes the BECís output voltage to drop. Any voltage drop below the range of voltages that the Rx can handle; creates a undesirable brownout condition for the receiver.

Iím going to test some other ESCs and maybe a separate UBEC to see how well they perform, but on to other things for now.
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