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Originally Posted by ShoeDLG View Post
I'm not sure if you're agreeing, pulling my leg, or missing the important idea completely.

People do sometimes confuse the term "lift" - referring to the buoyant motion of the air used by a glider to stay aloft with the "lift" force acting on the glider's wings... to the point where someone was suggesting it's a good idea to fly faster in a thermal because the wings create more lift when you fly faster... believing that will somehow make the glider go up faster.

The vertical "lift" associated with thermals is not the same, nor even analogous to, the aerodynamic "lift" acting on the wing.

When you "lift" an object from the floor to a shelf, that action is neither the same, nor analogous to the aerodynamic "lift" acting on the wing.

The "lift" is not the same as "to lift" which itself is entirely different from the "lift". This discussion was amusing, but is no longer providing much of a "lift", and is becoming work. I hope the previous explanation worked because I need to find a lift to work (where I need to use the stairs because the lift no longer works). Your obfuscation of this simple idea (I give you credit for deliberateness here) is ironic given your propensity to chastise others for complicating what appears straightforward to you. Fly more, cogitate less. ;-)
Long ago -I found, that one does not really understand a subject till they can have fun with it .
Lift is interesting to me because the concept , defininition and the uses of the word can mean different things---to me
Perhaps to others .
Lift AND drag -are another interesting/amusing study.
Are they opposites or really the same thing .
I enjoyed the exchange -
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