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The back end of the 2200mah lipo packs are even with the carbon spar in the wing and the 1800mah lipos are 1.5" forward of the carbon wing spar. I'm using the 79 gram Telink motor and 14g metal gear servos.

With this setup and a quick balance using my finger tips I found the balance point (cg) to be about 1/4" in-front of the aileron hinge line. Initially I is gonna fly terrible but it is pretty neutral and very aerobatic and stable for me. :-)

Checked it 2 different ways and still come up with very close to 140mm back from the leading edge as measured from the wing root at the fuselage. Sounds really aft but on my plane, after the changes that I have made and a couple of crashes and repairs..that's where it is at. Keep in mind that I have a 45" wingspan so the plane wing loading is a little higher and as such might handle the aft cg a little better.

You would think that it would fly really tail heavy but has a really nice shallow glide slope which helped me win the spot landing contest last weekend. :-)
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