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Extreme Flight Outlaw - Electric Conversions

So, we've been playing around with an electric conversion Outlaw recently and have gotten a lot of good response from people. A lot of people are surprised at the performance (speed) and capability (3D) that a nice light E setup brings to this bird. We've been getting a lot of calls and emails about it so I thought I would just post all the info here.

This plane was designed by Jerry Smith in the dawn of the 3D era. At the time there weren't many planes that could do a pop-top, a blender, a wall or a centrifuge but the Outlaw could not only do them but do them silly crazy! And today there are a lot of planes that can do all those maneuvers but there aren't many planes that can do all of that and go faster than hell one inch off the ground like they are on rails!

Is it really a 3D plane? Well, by strict definition yes. With the E conversion power and weight it is more than capable of post stall flight. It will Harrier and it will Hover and it will be controllable in post stall flight. Now, it won't 3D as easily or well as any purpose built modern 3D plane but the guys who will want this will be the ones who like to poor on the coals and to a 150mph Pop Top or a Blender that will wrap up so fast that it turns into a frisbee. This is the plane to fly when you are tired of practicing Torque Rolls or reading Aresti.

Flight Performance:

-Rolls are a freakin blurr! On low rates it tracks and rolls extremely well. Point rolls are crisp, continuous rolling is possible even at crazy speed with good rudder control! Snap Rolls are very fast.

-Knife Edge - Well not so much. It'll do them but you have to fight with the ailerons. Not much side area here (bad for tumble, spin and speed).

-Tumbles - Go fast and bang the sticks in any corners on high rates and it will wad up into a ball and do CRAZY stuff! Our favorite is the Centrifuge where you start with an inverted flatspin and reverse the elevator from down to up. it will spin up so fast that it just looks like a blurr.

-Speed passes - It is seriously "THE" stable high speed cruiser to have.

-Low Speed - It will slow down to a walking pace with this light E setup. No tip-stalling or crazy delta wing stuff. Easy to land. A real pussycat to fly.

-Takeoffs are a no brainer. Point the nose vertical, mash the throttle forward and let go. It will go up like a rocket. No sketchy hand launches here!

-3D - I can Harrier and Hover it but it will take you a lot of practice to get it low. I'm not there yet.

-Waterfalls are sick! It breaks the stall very clean.


The goal of the setup here is to have a reasonably fast yet light setup to get the best of both speed and aerobatics. There are a lot of guys who are running these things on 6S setups and pushing 180mph with high KV motors and a lot of very cool noise! Find Mike Fuller (C/F here on RCG) for some sick "Big Motor" setups. I think Mike is running a Scorpion 4015 Mikado heli motor with a slick 3rd bearing mount/heatsink.

Anyway, here's what we are running:

Torque 2814-820
Airboss 60
3 X Mini Servos - HS5245 etc..
Gens 5S 3300 25C

Power = 10x7@ 1010 watts

So, this is basically the 48" motor running on 5S versus 4. We have clocked it several time using several Doppler devices. It seems like the normal flat out straight and level speed is 133MPH. We had straight passes from 119 to 140 with most of them registering in the 130s. From a slight dive we could get it up to 145.

It is a quiet and efficient setup. A lot of people won't think it is that fast until you zip it down the runway or keep it low enough to where proximity to the ground shows the speed. If you are looking for a sleeper speeder this is a good setup. If you want to wake up the the party people in the early morning at SEFF then is not going to be loud enough for you. There are plenty of good E setups out there to do that.

If you want to push the limit of this setup you can go up to an 80 amp ESC and put on a 10/10 APCE. That'll give you another 200 watts and speed it up a good bit but you had better allow a lot of time for cooling the motor and be nice on the throttle.

In general anything from this size 28mm motor all the way up to 500 heli size outrunners will work. The higher the KV the better. Anything 800 or more will be in the ballpark maybe.

I think with the new high speed aerobatics (Xtreme Aerobatics XA) that are in vogue now that this little honey fights right in at the 3D flight line. As a one piece toss it in the car and go plane it couldn't get much better!

Build notes in the pics.

Happy flying!
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