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Well just ran two batteries through my modified Heilos100 with the V911 board installed. Light to no wind tonight.
BH is right - this thing is a bit to handle but I was able to calm it down just a little.

Believe it or not, a few times I got flybar strikes, I am used to using aileron and rudder for turns - a bank sort of like how a plane turns - and this thing is very responsive. Almost have to learn to fly all over again. Will have to play around with the settings with the 9x (using V911 settings right now). I guess I got spoiled with the V911 being so stable.
Got to admit it is very quiet compared to the V911.
Still getting the pronounced "porpoise" effect but not as bad as before with the stock TX and after some manual adjustments to the linkage. I think I am going to like this - did get the butt cheeks to squeeze a few times for sure that I consider fun when flying. Hey it flys, but I did notice it will not pull out of a dive nearly as fast as the V911. Is the 9958 similar in that effect?
Will update another sort of review after I run the batteries through it a few more times.
My disappointment with this product has changed - it was defiantly the board that was the problem. Look forward to flying it again.
Not sure on how it will handle the wind, but now that I got it trimmed out I would bet it will be better than before.
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