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Originally Posted by BostonFlyGuy View Post
I have the same problem with the beast 3d as in I'm using a nanotech 180mah 3s i bought from a forum member, popped it in and gave it throttle around 60% - 70% the power would just die. I kept trying it over and over and it would spin up get to half die. Played with my thottle curve to cap it at max 70% still no dice. Flies fine on 2s.

I'm so pissed... Bought the 2300kv motor, batteries and I just feel denied. I just want to make sure I understand that its just random luck that I got one of the lousy bricks that can't fly 3s ? So If I bought another beast same battery, motor etc.. it may or may not work? (with my luck I'd buy 2 that couldn't do it)...

Jealous as all hell of you guys!!!
Like Silentpilot said it needs more cooling. I posted pics of my cooling hole and scoop a couple days ago. Check them out. The other thing that most likely needs to be done is to open the plane up and scrape off any black goop on the FETs by where the battery leads attach and any white goop from the other side that is touching the FETs. Any of that silicone touching the black FETs WILL cause it to overheat. While you are in there you can attach a small heatsink with thermal tape. This will all but guarantee it will work on 3S.

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