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Originally Posted by Ron H View Post
Some reports are silly. A few weeks ago I got reported for calling myself an idiot. And I didn't even know I was that sensitive.

You gotta laugh. Being a moderator is a thankless job and then you make silly mistakes. They're doing the best they can and without them it would be more chaos around here than there is.

I didn't know you were that sensitive myself. I'll have to be careful around you or I might offend myself too! Then I'd have to report myself.

Hey guys, if you think moderating is easy try it for a bit. It'll wear you down. Thanks to our moderators who just aren't paid enough to go through what they have to do. I think we ought to urge RC Groups to double their pay.

Hey, one thing you can do is my trick. Build a Slow Stick after a year of flying micros. I got an exaggerated idea of how a Slow Stick on maiden might handle a tight place to fly. Felt like a bee in a bottle and it didn't look too pretty either. Got away with no damage but a broken prop, so I fared better than I deserved, My daughter took the video and posted it. "Credit" for the name is hers:
It's a bird- It's a plane- IT CRASHED! (3 min 8 sec)
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