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Originally Posted by totse View Post
My Yellow v911 just came.
At first I thought i was being a baby about it taking over a month to arrive.

Am i justified in being disappointing that one of the blades was bent, along with the balance bar to the point that the heli vibrates.. luckily I had a spare set to put on it.

I am impressed that it fly much more smoothly and quietly than the old v911

but does banggood do anything about warped pieces in shipping?

* it looks like there is a little band or clip that connect the tail boom to the frame...i didnt get one of those
Good luck with trying to get BG to do something about the warped parts. I find BG's customer service to be Jackell & Hyde, on a couple of shipments that never showed up, they refunded right away; just recently I had a defective item sent (Helios 100), and it's like pulling teeth getting them to do anything. First they asked for a video, I did that, then they offered a full refund if I send it back out of my own pocket (they know as well as I the high shipping cost makes this an non-option), I proposed for them to send me parts that are possibly bad (transmitter & pcb), they balked and asked me to "go to local shop and check", which I gathered to mean to get additional prove/diagnosis to determine which parts are bad. And each correspondence is a day delayed (not their fault of course) due to difference in time zone, so that adds to the frustration. Paypal can't/won't do anything because its been over 45 days since I paid (another reason not to "pre-order" anything), so I'm out of any recourse that has any teeth. I'm just counting on them being reasonable enough to simply send me another pcb (since a forum member has kindly offered to give me his tx that he no longer needs).
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