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Still, nobody can quote Gerry. It's not too hard to do it anyway. Just highlight his post and press ctrl-c to copy it to the clipboard. Then in the blank post, press the button. You'll get the words quote and /quote in brackets in your post. Click between the middle brackets and type ctrl-v to paste Jerry's post into the space between "{quote}" and "{/quote} (brackets changed so the forum will render things correctly).

Takes a couple of seconds. No reason Gerry should be penalized for someone else's personality problem. If that's the only penalty he's left with we can fix that.

Question: why can someone meticulously comb through every post a member has made for over a year and that far after the fact claim to be offended when nobody in the conversations was offended at the time? We're talking about a person of questionable motives who was not a part of the conversation taking probably hours to read all of Gerry's posts and then registering many complaints months after the post was made. Should be an automatic banning of the complainer for stalking and attacking another member. There's a name for using the rules as a weapon and I can't think of it right now.
I finally got old enough to have it all together, but now I've fogotten where I put it.

Even if Jerry WERE offensive (he was not) this stalking attack is disturbing, illegal in many states and is MUCH worse than whatever Gerry has been penalized for. In many localities, Gerry would be adjudged a victim of assault and stalking. The offender could go to jail.

This is just another reason why when I am attacked I don't report the attacker. If I'm in the wrong I deserved it. If I'm right, I have the faith that others reading the exchange know it and the post of the attacker serves only as a warning to others that he does this kind of unwarranted attack. I want people to see who he is and what he does. If I complain and RC Groups removes his post, nobody will know. I want his words to testify against him.

I HAVE hit the report button once to report an attack on someone else. It had been going on for some time and I thought it should end. Even there I could have been wrong in reporting it for the reasons above.

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Rockin Robbins is online now Find More Posts by Rockin Robbins
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