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What Radio/RF are you using for your full house sailplanes?

Time for a Poll - I have not done one in a LONG time. Let's see what the dominant radio and RF (radio frequency) brand(s) are for full house sailplanes/gliders. If you are a DLG guy using flapperons, we can consider that full house.

I listed the major brands I know but left an OTHER choice for those I missed.

For example, I have a pair of Futaba 9C supers. I have Futaba 72 MHz, Futaba FASST, Spektrum DSM2 and Tactic Any Link modules for my 9C Supers. I have planes on all 4, but my main full house gliders (2 Supras and a Graphite) are on Futaba FASST.

So my radio is Futaba an my main RF is Futaba.

Even if I was flying using FrSky FASST receivers I would still be flying Futaba/Futaba as the module in the radio is Futaba FASST, not FrSky.

If you are flying an RF system or receivers other than the brand of your radio, tell us about that in your post. A lot of us are doing that. Even in the 72 MHz days it was common to see a Futaba Radio with a Hitec Spectra 72 MHz synth module. That would be Futaba/other in this survey.

As we went from 72 MHz to 2.4 GHz some put modules in from 2.4 providers other than the brand of radio we are using. And some have modified radios that don't have modules. They used a DIY or Hack module inside the radio, usually requiring some soldering. FrSky, for example, has a DIY module you solder inside the radio.

There are also external modules. One example is the Hobbico Tactic AnyLink module. I think XPS has one too. These usually connect through the trainer port.

So, if you have an Airtronics Vision with a FrSky DIY module and are flying FrSKY receivers using the FrSky protocol then you answer would be Airtronics/Other RF.

Let's see what people are using. And, again, detailed posts are very welcome. Tell us about what gliders you are flying as well.


For JR users - If you have a JR 9303, for example, you are a JR man. If the 9303 is your main radio and you put a Spektrum (not a JR) module in it you can still consider yourself a JR/JR person or a JR/Other - your choice, since Spektrum and JR (until recently) used the same RF system. If it has a JR module than you are definately JR/JR.
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