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Powerlab8 Lipo charging questions

Hello, I want to charge a single 6s1p battery pack and am unsure of some of the charge options in the software. Charger is a powerlab 8.
The batteries are Turnigy 5000Mah, 6s1p, 2c charge, 20c discharge.

Charge Amps: , Am I better off setting it to 2c? Or should I set it to 10 amps?

C/? Termination: What is this exactly, what should I set this to?

Cold Weather: It is 70-85 degrees in my charging area. Do I need to set this? It defaults to 50F. Should I set this to none or leave it at 50F?

Discharge Voltage: I read where you should not discharge a Lipo below 3.65V. Why does it default to 3.30V? Should I change this?

I just got these batteries new. Is there any reason to discharge them before I charge them?

Here is an optional question if someone has the time to help me out.
This is a parallel charging question. I want to charge 4 batteries in parallel using a board.
Here is my power supply.
Output Power: 600w
Output Voltage: 17v
Output Current: 0-36A

When charging 4 of these 6s1p batteries using the power supply in the link. What are the best charge settings I should use?
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